An Update to Our ‘Testimonials’

We are pleased to announce an update to the ‘Testimonials’ section to our website – one may conceive a number of new quotations, and a broader overview of the service we provide.

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The Safe Use of Extension Leads:

Extension leads may prove very resourceful  within the home, such as connecting an appliance far from a socket, or providing the basis for a number of electronic set – ups; how can you ensure you are using one safely however, despite their ubiquitous use? 

Firstly, the coiling of extension leads may pose a risk to one’s self and family, as wires become unable to radiate heat to the environment – this, in turn may lead to the wires overheating or melting, hence highlighting the risk of employing a coiled wire.

In addition to this, the act of plugging one extension lead into another may convey itself to be disagreeable, as a voltage drop may occur; this may have an adverse effect upon the appliance, as it may overheat or cease to work entirely, therefore having a negative effect upon domestic life, for example…

Expanding Onto Social Media…

Pye Hill Electrical have recently established a new Twitter account, in order to widen their outreach and help serve further the Weymouth, Portland and Dorset communities – the informative new page will be updated with electrical safety advice, and be open to answer any inquiries you may have.

The full website may be found at the bottom of this page by selecting the ‘Twitter’ icon, or by following this link:

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A New Website Design…

Pye Hill Electrical are pleased to announce a new website design, with the inclusion of a number of new features; the site now contains an updated gallery, in addition to the new ‘Certifications’ and ‘Blog’ features.

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